About Scribe

A Sports Scribe first began publishing on May 15th, 2007 and it has discussed a myriad of topics within the sports community that go beyond what happens on the field of play or even the offices where contracts are signed. It exists to seek out content discussing sports culture, media and the business. And of course, whatever makes us laugh.

It was built under the premise of becoming an online forum to publish opinions, insights and unique stories about these aspects of the sports industry. However, based on its owner’s experiences in sports media, such thoughts may not exist on forums with pre-determined slants such as television ratings, criticism of sports media outlets or naturally-biased team and league outlets. Here you may find any topic of interest without such biases, but understands, if not acknowledges those motives.

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DISCLAIMER: The views expressed on A Sports Scribe (via blog, Twitter or any other property branded as part of A Sports Scribe) are strictly those of Jason L. Clinkscales and do not reflect those of any associated media partner.