Sunday, July 29, 2007


In advance, I'd like to thank those who tuned in today and listened to me stumble and tumble to the finish. Seriously, I was very happy to be on the radio again and this is a great opportunity to show the world my passion and hopefully, keep yours fueled as well. It was an absolute - if unexpected - honor to speak with Mr. Willie O'Ree today. Even better was the fact that my family, who never heard me in college, had the chance to truly see what I'm about.

Outside of the studio, it had been quite the day in the box scores. While nearly hacking up on the air speaking with the Jackie Robinson of the NHL today, a few teams in baseball decided to experiment by playing the game without pitchers.

Kidding of course, but it seemed as if today, someone switched real-live pitchers with pitching machines. Eight teams scored double-digit runs and three more scored at least eight. This wasn't just American League barnburners with designated hitters having a field day on some weary arms. Even an offensively-challenged team such as San Diego hung eleven runs on Houston's Jason Jennings... before the third out in the first inning! Maybe it was the spirits of Tony Gwynn or Cal Ripken, Jr. close to three thousand miles to the northeast, but there was something in the air today over Major League Baseball.

Alex Rodriguez didn't belt his 500th homerun nor did Jose Canseco show up to Baltimore with a syringe allegedly used by the Yankees' third baseman. Mr. Bonds and his eminent record-breaking swing head to Los Angeles after 'stalling' on 754 homers with members of the Commissioner's office to follow. Unlike what is currently going on with the NFL, it was hard to overshadow the offensive displays in today's games with these stories. Would you rather hear about who may have injected themselves with steroids and HGH in the past or would you like to enjoy this:

  • Atlanta 14, Arizona 0
  • New York (Y) 10, Baltimore 6
  • San Diego 18, Houston 11
  • Texas 0, Kansas City 10
  • Oakland 10, Seattle 14
  • Milwaukee 5, St. Louis 9
  • Los Angeles 6, Cincinatti 9
  • Florida 8, San Francisco 5
  • Detroit 4, Anaheim 13?

    When we woke up this morning, some of us rolled our eyes at these allegations of performance-enhancing by Rodriguez while others were screaming for Bonds to break Hank Aaron's record already. Hopefully, at night's end, we scratched our collective heads, wondering why were there so many angry batters at the plate.

    As for the show today, I'd like to thank those who actually remembered to tune in. For those who did not, please tune in next week as I will speak on the upcoming season for the New York Giants. I will make appearances on the show, calling in during Giants games throughout the NFL season. Further details will be posted, emailed, texted, snail mailed, sent via Morse code and if you're game, we can play telephone with two cans and a string of yarn.
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