Saturday, November 10, 2007


Have you ever had those moments when you are looking for something in another room and when you get there, you forget what it was you were looking for? Well, unfortunately, it's been a rather tough time for me in terms of A Sports Scribe. There have been a million articles I have hoped to post here over the past two weeks, yet, completing them has been a task. It's as if I misplaced my mind or my words somewhere else.

Before you start insulting me and my alma maters - High school? Go right ahead. College? Don't think about it - I wanted to let you know why there is suddenly a flood of posts tonight.

The first post you will see below is new and hopefully, it will start an honest conversation. I ask that you really look at the links and really think for a moment, regardless on how you may feel about the subject.

The other two posts were actually written earlier this year. When I decided to take a break from participating in any blog earlier this year, these were two notes that I published to Facebook. Considering that the 'Best of 2007' lists are starting to be formed for bombardment by media folks in December and January, I figured that this would be a great time to put out something you may have not read before. Though the events that inspired those notes came so long ago, I want to know your thoughts on those subjects as well. If interested, the book based on 'Outcast' is pretty good and available if a desired read.

Thanks, enjoy and let's talk.

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