Thursday, November 22, 2007


Two months ago, I went on a mini road trip to Washington, D.C. with friends to attend the Nationals' final home game at RFK Stadium. Though the team didn't have much of a history there - remember, they were the former Montreal Expos - they have brought a little bit of spirit in a town that wants something else to talk about besides government, government and... should Hall-of-Fame coach Joe Gibbs be fired after this season. It was great to come back to the nation's capital after nearly a decade since my last visit, but it was even better to be able to enjoy a baseball game outside of the hometown.

Besides the Presidential Race that Teddy Roosevelt has yet to win, what I enjoyed the most about being at RFK was the genuine happiness many fans felt to have the game in their city. Despite the political wrangling around the new ballpark being built along the Anacosta River, there's a definite excitement within Washington, D.C. as folks are starting to believe that the city is a major sports town again. Yes, this is always going to be a city that starves for another Super Bowl title, yet with a young star in the Capitals' Alexander Ovechkin, a strong fan base for DC United, the Wizards going for a third straight playoff appearance (though it'll be harder without Gilbert Arenas) and the new digs for the improving Nationals, our capital has returned to the big time.

Below is a link to some photos of that game against the Phillies. These aren't exactly going to be in any museums or even a high school photography class, but think of these as reminders that sports exist outside of where we live... and there's nothing wrong with that.


New Nationals Park

Oh, and happy holidays/days off from work.

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Pat Reardon said...

Jay, that's an interesting take/angle. I'd like to conduct a sociological experiment whereby a rabid Boston sports fan is suddenly transplanted to some place like Kansas City where they tend to be a little less fervent about sports. I'm thinking it should be a reality tv show or something