Monday, February 25, 2008


No one has ever said that blogging, or writing in general, was easy.

Since the NFL beat has ended for the season, you'd think that there would be a ton of time for Scribe until baseball season begins (for the Beacon, I don't cover anything other than the football Giants and the Yankees). While there is some truth to this, it's been difficult to get these fingers to keys for anything other than checking email, doing the fulltime grind and praying to (insert deity here) that the Weather Channel site doesn't show snow in the forecast. For that, my apologies.

It's more fatigue than anything else and a rest is needed before what will be a non-stop rollercoaster until at least August. Hopefully by tomorrow, Scribe will be updated in RSS feeds and you don't have to wonder if I'm still alive.

In the meantime, I want to extend an invite for questions and comments from Scribe readers. There are a lot of passive readers out there and as much as your attention is appreciated, your thoughts would do a tremendous service to this blog. There are a plethora of discussions to be had, ranging from the revved-up sessions in basketball (NBA and NCAA) to spring training to NASCAR to tennis. Leave your thoughts for what will turn into its own entry later this week.

Also, expect some guest writers in the coming weeks.

Say What?!?!: A while back for Sports NY Style, I wrote an article that discussed athletes who blog and why many leagues and corporations are concerned about players airing out their honest thoughts in such an unfiltered forum. It's something fans should all come to appreciate, especially when someone like New Orleans Hornets center Tyson Chandler talks about the relatively forgotten aspects of the sports business.

And yes, I am my own tag.


Anonymous said...

Writing is definitely not an easy thing, and keeping up momentum is probably one of the most difficult aspects of the process.

Jason Clinkscales said...

The writer of one of your recommended blogs, "Tell It Like It Is", speaks to a similar theme. Creativity needs to be fostered at every imaginable chance, no matter the outlet. For creativity to be unearthed, momentum is everything, regardless of passions or professions.

Thankfully, we have our fingertips at the pulse of our creativity, as our recent posts show.