Sunday, February 3, 2008


Horrendous commercials. Great football game.

That's what Super Sunday is supposed to be about.

It'll be nice to say that I'll cover the Super Bowl champs next season.

Now, can everyone that considers him or herself a Giants fan lay off of Eli Manning? In fact, don't give me this "I knew it all along". You didn't. Please don't lie to yourself, the true Giants fans and that girl you've tried to talk to all night.

David Tyree! What can you say?

Remember the name Steve Smith. The one from USC. The one who caught passes in seven of New York's scoring drives in the playoffs.

Kawika Mitchell, who played out of his natural middle linebacker position to come to the Giants, is about to get a big pay raise. One year, $1 million seems like such a pittiance.

Justin Tuck is for real. Ask Tom Brady.

Lawrence Tynes won't get killed by Tom Coughlin, after all.

Coughlin, himself, should be recognized for being one of the best tactical coaches in the league. Has been for years, whether it was RIT, Boston College, Jacksonville or here with Big Blue.

Jeremy Shockey will be a man possessed next season, even if he has a ring now.

That Giants defense will be the copycat template General Managers use this offseason.

Will Tiki Barber be the grand marshall of Tuesday's parade? Looking forward to seeing that.

While I wouldn't call this game an upset in terms of man for man, coach for coach, roster for roster, in historical context, it's the biggest in league history.

As for Patriots fans. Disappointment is understandable, to say the least. However, the team will be back strong next season. With a couple of defensive tweaks.

Don't fall in love with history unless it's relevant.

Wes Welker is still the truth.

Randy Moss will have another shot at a ring and it will be as a Patriot.

It's time for the braintrust in Foxborough to address the aging middle of the defense in the Draft. Picking safety Brandon Merriweather last April was a start.

These Pats would have still KILLED the '72 Dolphins. But, now we have to endure Mercury Morris.

And now... onward to the NBA. And the rest of life.

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Mells said...

in utter agreement with every word... it hurts, but its true...