Monday, March 3, 2008


With Scribe, it's been the norm to not discuss anything other than sports unless there is a parallel that cannot be ignored or the topic provides an opportunity to make a unique comparison. However, among the eight million other blogs (and counting) in the world, there are a few that in one way or another have inspired past entries or constantly keep the mind active, even if much of the thoughts never leave the cranium.

As done by friends, colleagues, fellow writers and bloggers, here are three recommended non-sports blogs that you should take a look in your Internet travels.

And as a note, this is going to be one of those extremely rare moments where there is a non-sports Scribe post.

  • Mixed Race America - This blog was the inspiration for some scribblings -on and offline - in the last few months. Apolitical stands out (and was highlighted in her blog, many thanks).
    So, what is it about?

    From the masthead:
    Thoughts, musings, and observations about race in America, particularly the mixing of race--in all the ways you can imagine: people of various races interacting, people of various races not wanting to mix, issues of purity, hybridity, multiplicity, heterogeneity, and any other way you can describe the blending, melding, melting, tossing, turning, churning of race relations in the United States.

    Back in December, Jennifer's post about "
    The color of sports" insighted a very diverse and informative conversation about the "whiteness" of baseball. Several of her other 'musings', if you will, speak on a few sports topics, but overall, this professor wants to encourage informative, respectful and captivating talk about race in America.

  • "C" Notes: The descrption C provides says it all: Notes on life and everything in between. Friend and fellow writer, C opens up the conversations about the people, moments and those "WTF?!?! "moments in our lives. Fashion, entertainment, relationships, the insanity of work and a little bit of advice to make it through... at least for a day.

  • The Sartorialist: This is actually one of the most popular blogs going and came as a recommendation from a great friend. Some of us believe in fashion while others believe in style. Design veteran Scott Schulman started this blog to show the real life styles of everyday people in New York City. His work has given him a tremendous platform through GQ, and the general blogging community.


Food for Thought said...

Well you know that C notes is one of my favorite blogs :-)))

and the sartorialist is def bookmarked in my computer as well as I am addicted to fashion. . .

And although i am not the biggest sports buff, i like the way you write and have actually passed on ur blog to my sports obsessed fiance. I know he will enjoy :-)

Jason Clinkscales said...

Mucho thanks. Hopes are that even folks with the most ardent dislike for sports can pick something up from Scribe. It's a constant work in progress - as writing should always be - but varying topics and passions connect to sports in ways that you or myself could have never imagined.