Friday, March 28, 2008


So, so much respect goes out to the people that can do this every day, no matter what is on their plates. As offline deadlines have taken precedent (fulltime and freelance), Scribe has suffered over the past week. Of course, new posts have been promised without fulfillment.

No promises.

Just results.

... starting tomorrow.

Should Chris Webber be a Hall of Famer?

Should the NCAA pick the men's basketball champ out of a hat?

Should there be a moratorium on athletes and magazine covers as a preemptive strike on controversy?

Should the NFL go back to having a real offseason? As in go home and don't come back until you're older... in August.

Should Jonathan and daddy, Patrick Roy, face criminal charges for their stupidity earlier this week?

Should Yankee fans worry about already starting behind the Red Sox in the AL East? "Mr. Somers, Jerome from Manhattan is on the line."

Until tomorrow.

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