Saturday, May 17, 2008


So while two sports leagues are still awaiting a champion with their playoffs, one sport is closer to an elusive milestone. Big Brown is two-thirds through the Triple Crown after winning The Preakness Stakes earlier this evening.

For those who are throroughbed aficionados, this next three week stretch can be likened to the one or two day break in time before Game 7 of a major championship.

For those who are not, we're in three camps: either we don't care, we're curious to see if Big Brown can make history or we're sickened by the idea that this sport still exists.

Considering the events at The Kentucky Derby two weeks ago - that is, the euthanization of Eight Belles after breaking her front ankles - the Preakness has been newsworthy for not only being the second leg of what could be the first successful Triple Crown in thirty years, but for being the next big event to profile the ongoing debate about the care of race horses. The Preakness was also the final race for Barbaro, the horse who (for better or worse) captured the attention of a country after being hurt and eventually euthanized.

So, my question to you lies in the latest poll: How will you view the upcoming Belmont Stakes?

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