Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Articles and blogs of note while working on several things at once. All are sports-related and a couple tie back to an earlier Scribe post.

Yeah, I know... always something with this guy.

  • Apolitical: The New York Times has a blog strictly about the upcoming Beijing Olympics called Rings. It's centered mostly around the sports issues, but because of the controversies and recent tragedies in China, don't be surprised to see discussions that have a business or political focus.
  • Also Olympics-related, this comes from an Advertising Age blog (from the industry that pays the bills for this sportswriter). Charlie Moran discusses how NBC and the BBC hope to use a vast musical score to tell the stories of the athletes and the competitions.
  • Sunset: Just to think that if he had called it a career four or five years ago, Sammy Sosa would have garnered more than a shrug. This would have been major news not only in sports, but at least the Chicago news broadcasts.
  • Us small outlets got to stick together, right, Mark? I think you'd agree.
  • Speaking of small outlets, I was at the Mariners-Yankees game on Sunday for the New York Beacon. I know that it rains all of the time in Seattle, but these days, it seems that there are two more reasons to be depressed in the Emerald City. Between those very Ms, the inevitable breakup between the Supersonics and the city, they must be begging for the Seahawks to hit training camp.
  • And staying in the State of Washington, my goodness, you have to feel bad for these guys in Spokane. Doesn't matter what sport it is, this just hurts.


Mark Krulish said...

I've seen the video clip of the Memorial Cup breaking, its about the funniest thing I've ever seen. I can't even imagine being the captain of Spokane who dropped it. I wouldn't know what to do.

Jason Clinkscales said...

I cried and laughed simultaneously. It was like looking at a little kid who dropped his dinner plate full of food, only that the kid is around 6'3" and about 210 pounds with some facial hair.