Sunday, June 15, 2008


The cliche goes "a picture is worth a thousand words", yet, there is not one that can describe that emotion.

Not one.

On this possible clinching night, much has been said about Doc Rivers' emotional moment during Friday's press conference over the weekend. Considering that it's Father's Day and the Celtics maestro had buried his own dad seven months ago, there was an 'understandable' lapse in mind and body.

I say 'understandable' because really, it's hard to understand until (please forbid) it happens. To reach a major life milestone - academic, amateur, professional or personal - while wondering what a lost loved one would have said or thought is one of the most painful, yet joyful experiences that a person can even endure. Especially with a relationship involving a parent or guardian and child.

Painful and joyful are two other words that don't seem to work here. See, the pain of not having the physical presense with you never goes away. Neither does the joy of knowing how happy that person would have been of you. Those words just don't suffice because again, the emotions of a loss are so overwhelming that you cannot describe them.

Even if this is not the clinching night for Boston or if by some miracle, the Los Angeles Lakers make a comeback, those tears and that pause would still be there for Rivers. With everything that the coach has gone through in his career - especially in New England - the fact that he was able to keep positive and rebuild a tattered legacy in a tough sports region is something that his father would have been equally as proud of.

Believe me. I should know.


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