Tuesday, July 15, 2008


With the return to NYC later today, here are some pieces worth pondering en route back to the Boroughs. As for the rest of the videos from Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, you'll see them tomorrow. Again, many thanks to D-cubed for taking part in the adventure.
  • First, some honesty about Yankee Stadium. Since it's the soup-du-jour to wax poetic on the 85-year old stadium, it's good to hear from the folks who have had to make yearly (and seemingly at times, monthly) treks to the building in the Bronx. Maybe I'm being a dissenter from the rest of the media (yes, freelancers can call themselves a part of the clique), but it's about time that the Stadium bids farewell. Should we pay for it? That's another debate for another day.
  • Sticking with the Old Gray Lady, an interesting piece from John Tierney, Science writer for the Times. He discusses how Title IX - the still-controversial legislation mostly known for its impact on collegiate athletics - is making waves in a different arena; gender discrimination at universities receiving federal grants for the sciences.
  • Two from the Dallas Morning News: Tim Cowlishaw thinks that the Yankees are wrong in changing venues. Jean-Jacques Taylor sheds some light on Milton Bradley (one of the four Texas Rangers' All-Stars).
  • It's interesting to see baseball stories coming out of Memphis (where today's layover spectacular takes place). Why? Because they don't have a Major League-level team. Yet, they have two All-Stars with some ties to the city as George Sherrill (Baltimore Orioles) and Dan Uggla (Florida Marlins) take in the festivities.

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