Thursday, July 3, 2008


Being that this is the Independence Day holiday Stateside, most of us are preparing our stomachs for burgers, brats, booze and probably more booze (unless you're like me and cracking open a few Sprites). Yet, very few of us take stock in what the United States of America was, is and will become. One of the ways that it can be done is through the progression of sports and the related businesses.

Sports is the ultimate galvanizer in the world, but in many ways, it is also a litmus test of how progressive a sect or whole society really is. When we think of the successes, failures and quandaries of the US, they can be likened to the exploits of athletes

How far have we come with racial and ethnic relations?

Is gender equality a pipe dream or actually an ideal being reached at a snail's pace?

Does civic pride come with an exhorbrant price tag?

Most of all, with our divisive past and present, are we truly One Nation Under God (with apologies to those who share different faiths, if at all)?

With these articles, take stock of what is America as we celebrate or admonish the nation on its 232nd birthday. And enjoy a a long weekend while you're at it.

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