Sunday, July 13, 2008

T! (I)

So today, you'll get a look at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. While the views may not be as close as they were for PNC Park, I'll do the absolute best I can to give the best look into what's supposed to be a pretty cool park. This will be the last game before most of the Texas Rangers and Chicago White Sox take an All-Star break tomorrow through Wednesday.

It had been a rather long day yesterday from leaving the crib at 5:30AM to woofing down a bacon cheeseburger somewhere along the George Bush Highway to passing out in Plano at some undetermined time. Yet, by Monday morning, you'll be treated to something great out of this foray into that bandbox Milton Bradley and Josh Hamilton call home.

In the meanwhile, a few recommended articles. Some from the usual suspects, some born from taking a layover in Minneapolis/St. Paul and being here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

  • Alan Schwartz's (New York Times) piece about the aforementioned Rangers headed to The Bronx for the All-Star Game

  • USA Today tells you how phenomenally pricey the ASG gatherings are this year

  • Also from USA Today, you can debate if these truly are the faces of the thirty MLB franchises

  • Dan Wetzel (Yahoo! Sports) has some recommended summer reading in this 'slow' sports period (and slow is quoted for those who follow just the major North American sports)

  • Everyone's favorite Cowboys head coach is back! Well, at least mine, anyway. Did someone just throw a bobblehead at me?

  • Since it's closing in on training camp time, if you didn't think that there wouldn't be a spin on the latest Brett Favre saga for one of Green Bay's rivals, you're a bit off.

Oh, and go see Hellboy II. I do recall seeing that last night. I also recall that when I landed in DFW that it was 100 degrees. Not... cool.

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