Thursday, August 14, 2008


Bloggers love to assail "The Man" or whoever has a big enough budget and profile to shine the brightest. In the case of sports bloggers, it's all about giving ESPN hell for whatever reasons they can think of. While it would be pretentious and naiive to say I haven't wanted to throw stones for some questionable decisions by the Worldwide Leader, overall, it's hard to deny its impact on all of us who share a passion (or passing fancy) for sports.

That said, for the first and hopefully last time, I'll say that they are embarking on something phenomenally and mind-numbingly dumb.

When the Madison+Vine email hit my inbox a few minutes ago, I hoped that maybe I was dellusional or maybe my goodburger wasn't as well-cooked as I thought.

"You're not seeing this, Jay. You're really not."

Oh yes, I am.

Unless they have some ridiculous contract clause that keeps the cavemen in the ABC umbrella, the sun had set looooooooooooong ago.

Please. ESPN. Geico. Stop.

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