Sunday, October 12, 2008


It's vacation time... finally.

Well, it's vacation away from the fulltime job, that is. Never ever A Sports Scribe.

Outside of Props on Wednesday, I can't guarantee when some work will be added to Scribe this week. However, my hopes are to experience the sports buzz of an area I have yet to thoroughly enjoy in quite some time. I think the tenor may be down a bit based on today's action, yet being that there is plenty to talk about from the region, I'd expect to speak with many fans and get a pulse on the sports media.

Maybe I'll get to a game there, if time allows. Even if this is the first vacation I've had in four years, how can I not try to find some sort of game?

Stay tuned. And vote on the poll.

By the way, if you're going to innudate us with commercials during our NFL and baseball playoff games, at least let them be good... like this one below.

Maybe the drinkability factor of Nike is fairly low, but the sensibility to entertain the viewer was rather high.

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