Monday, November 17, 2008


It's deadline night for the Beacon (yes, these Giants pieces should be done hours after the game), which essentially means something small, but significant will follow these words.

There's a good chance you heard about today's big news stories; insider trading charges brought against Dallas Mavericks owner and (can we say former at this point?) bidder for the Chicago Cubs Mark Cuban, Albert Pujols nabbing his second National League MVP, the passing of coaching legend Pete Newell and FOX Sports' waving of the white flag in the battle to carry the BCS beyond 2010.

However, here are a few more that you may have missed thanks to a) work, b) not caring about the location the story originates from and/or c) getting a migrane trying to understand the ending of last night's Chargers - Steelers game, prompting you to nearly overdose on Aleve/Tylenol/Advil/Jack Daniels.
  • From the NY Daily News (thanks to SPJ for the reference since I haven't gone near this paper in quite a while), Jim Rich is wondering why Governor David Patterson isn't asking the Yankees to cut back on spending during the construction of their new house. Likely this is fuel for those who dislike the team or at least dislike the public expenditure considering the state's impending budget cuts. Have fun with that.

  • From the Los Angeles Times, Jerry Crowe discusses how the actual Heisman Trophy won by former USC running back Charles White is being put up for auction... and it was news to him. White sold his possession in 2000 to settle tax debts, but will be hawked for the second time since then.

  • From BrandWeek, Anthony Crupi discusses how televised sports are not as recession-proof as they used to be for advertisers. It's an interesting thought and something that you may have been considering at some point since the economy started tanking about a year ago.

  • For all of your puckheads (fulltime or parttime), Puck Daddy wants you to weigh in on the former Tampa Bay Lightning head coach Barry Melrose's interview on Hockey Night in Canada, given a day after his comments on ESPN Radio that essentially pointed at the players and rookie management for his dismissal. For those who normally have little interest in the NHL, consider his response and how it would - if it would - play out in other sports, team or individual.

  • Finally, sweet memories.

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