Saturday, November 29, 2008


Because folks who know of the Giants beat for the New York Beacon will ask; I don't have a clue what's with 'my boy' Plaxico Burress except that he's extremely fortunate that no one else was hurt besides himself.

Because sports media people beg for an athlete (active or not) without a filter; I believe that Charles Barkley was dead on in his comments about the ongoing LeBron James courtship (which besides long, will be as ingraiting and cluttered with disinformation as our recent Presidential campaign). However, because Barkley gets credit for adding his two cents, it should be known that one of the first people to criticize James was actually former NBAer and current ESPN analyst Jon Barry, who said that James should squash all of the talk by essentially saying "we'll cross the bridge when we get there".

Because Obama's greatest challenge in his Presidency will be creating a playoff; I present you the potential players in fufilling his wish.

Because I'm reading Tana French's The Likeness, her follow-up to In the Woods; I'd love to know if anyone has read or plans to read Sal Paolantonio's How Football Explains America.

Because as commented on Sports Media Watch; I'm trying to figure out which fan base and/or media personality started this so-called war between the NHL and NBA, one that makes little to no sense considering that the only shared characteristic is the type of building both leagues use.

Because this season, NFL defenses are looking like college football defenses (this is not a compliment); Judy Battista wonders what in the name of Jack Tatum is going on.

Because while Major League Baseball managers are rarely, if at all, considered as promotional vehicles for a team; I wonder if the Seattle Mariners will try to market new skipper Don Wakamatsu in any manner as being named the league's first-ever Asian-American manager will draw a lot of attention. Maybe they won't do so, but it's worth asking, right?

Because people tend to ask athletes to just shut up and play, regardless of personal and social opinions; I wonder why do we essentially give many musicians and actors a carte blanche when it comes to their oversized egos (especially since it's hard to deny that many are not as talented as the hype machines make them appear).

Because the holiday season has begun and you are a lady or know a lady that is looking for a different kind of handbag... and I promised to promote a couple of friends of mine.

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