Thursday, November 6, 2008


The best bloggers strive for quality, but many days, they use quantity to at least keep it fresh.

Forgive the lack of activity, but a video courtesy of links from Fang's Bites got the mind going a bit.

If you remember those middle school homework assignments where you had to compare and contrast characters in a selected text, here's a chance to sharpen those minds. Number 2 pencils are optional.

For those who have not caught it on television or at least YouTube, take a look at the first video. It's a bit long (over eight minutes), but you need every detail.

Now, observe this 'classic' from two years ago. About a quarter of the time of the first clip.

Besides the sports, the teams, the level of competition and the physical makeup of the participants, what sticks out to you about these clips?

This shall be fun.

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