Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Various thoughts may consume the mind, yet these handful seem to shine through the most today.

First and foremost, those that we have lost in our lives who fought, spoke and hustled for real change in society should be here to witness this day. I knew someone in particular who would make sure that our newly-elected government officials, including President Obama, stick to their guns.

Secondly, a song that has become a personal mantra over the past sixteen months since the album's release in 2007 may speak more to what we are celebrating today:
We will make a brand new start
from the pieces torn apart
The break of day is before us
Cast your sorrows to the wind

Let the highway take us in
as we escape the disorder
Finally, as said once before, we're not done. Nowhere close. This may be a sports blog, but the ramifications of the new Obama administration are supposed to speak to change for everyone, regardless of socioeconomic background, political (in)differences, prejudices, occupations, etc. While this inauguration may turn out to be the Wilt Chamberlain 100-point game of the early 21st century, to not have a passing published thought would be foolish on my part.

However, don't forget... we're not done. Change will take a few more tomorrows than most of us have planned.

So let's get to work.

For inauguration links, check out the always-on point Fang's Bites.

Say What?!?!: As always, I'll be real with you; I've always known that this day would come, just not when. However, I'm probably the only black/African-American person in the country who thought that a person of color or a woman President of the United States was more likely than the Arizona Cardinals playing in the Super Bowl. Yeah, I said it.

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