Saturday, February 7, 2009


Something light-hearted after some heavy-handed verbage.

If you haven't had the chance to enjoy this, do so.

Now, as good as that was you're probably considering scouring the 'net for some other greats. Let's start with the end-all, be-all classic that changed the NBA FOREVER.

Of course, there's the player who did help bring the move into the consciousness of many teens in the early 90s, George Takei's favorite (hate him or love him).

And for some recent knee bucklers:

There are a handful of moves in sports in which fans and media of both teams in the field of play actually join in unison to say "oh snap" (or other words of that nature) because they saw something so unbelieveable, so jaw-dropping, so... ridonculous, that for a moment, loyalty to a team logo doesn't even matter. Along with the mammoth home run, the open field collision between defender and ball carrier, the midfielder or star winger going one-on-one with a soccer or hockey goalie and the between-the-legs volley in tennis, the ankle-breaking crossover is assuredly one of those moments.

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