Friday, February 27, 2009


Though not attending any games this weekend, Scribe is back where it all began... well, at least the sports media career. Some duties at the alma mater have taken away the focus from what has already been a wild and intriguing start to NFL free agency, the official arrival of Starbury in The Hub, the "What?!?!" in terms of Manny Ramirez and all else happening in the world of sports.

With that said, that does not mean that there will be total silence on Scribe this weekend. So while anticipating some new posts, this would be a good time to catch up on previous work, vote on the ongoing poll and check a few links for your viewing pleasure.
  • Attention has rapidly faded in regards to the Michael Phelps bong fiasco, yet that's not the case for Kellogg, the cereal maker that canned the Olympic champion swimmer as an endorser. According to this Advertising Age report, their reputation, as opposed to Phelps, has taken a hit.

  • Even with his loss at the WGC - Accenture Match Play Championships, Tiger Woods is still a pretty big deal this weekend. This BusinessWeek piece talks about the return of his impact beyond the PGA itself (expect more on this topic this weekend).

  • From the Los Angeles Times, the City of Industry says to the NFL, "let's do this". Now, with all due respect to the Left Coast, California is kinda broke right now. You decide if this is a wise move as it shouldn't surprise anyone that public funds will be requested... and there's that matter of a team actually moving there. More to consider from Field of Schemes.

  • Finally, from the Chicago Sun-Times... DAMN!

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