Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Yeah... more about that guy in an excerpt of this week's article for the New York Beacon:
"Not too long ago, some people were willing to cut affable sluggers like Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa a little slack for their alleged use. The popularity of both players – known for their home run chase over ten years ago – took some hits at the time, but it was during the infamous Congressional hearings back in 2005 that it made a nose dive because of their reluctance to discuss their still alleged drug use. Barry Bonds, the current home run king, seven-time Most Valuable Player and another alleged user, was never thought of fondly by the media or many of his peers, but the last thing the former Pittsburgh and San Francisco star was concerned about was his image. Rodriguez, like Bonds, has rarely, if ever been revered, but this is because he has been so aggressive in crafting his persona. Now, on top of the game’s richest contract and the pinstripes he wears, he loses even more favor for actually confessing to what he calls ‘a stupid mistake for a guy with a lot of baseball to play’."
Thankfully, the Nets' beat will begin this week; keeping the focus on something in-season and these days, less controversial. It's going to be a long year at the new Stadium, and not for what's on the diamond.

Then again, most of us in the press can't recall when has it been otherwise.

Now, it's time to make you happy... sort of.

Did you know that the man behind musical excellence, as discussed a while back...

was also the man behind this audio brilliance?

And while he's not the composer, writer or choreographer of this superior dose of entertainment...

it would be nothing but the hotness if he was in any way, shape or form involved with the creation of this episode of lyrical fitness.

Grateful 80s-born, 90s-bred children thank you, Mr. John Tesh.

And I thank you, former college radio show co-host for forwarding along the wonderfulness of being a Niners fan.

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