Thursday, April 2, 2009


While taking part in one of two baseball drafts, an idea sprung up from the online chatter:

Since the season is upon us, many of us will try to get to a game or two, with the economy being to some advantage, if fortunate. Compared to other sports stadiums and arenas, baseball parks, no matter who we root for or against, invite various stories and experiences.

So, in addition to my collection of experiences, I would like to use this season to show some of your stories and experiences. I want to publish them for fellow readers to see, whether they are written anecdotes, photos, videos, whatever comes to mind.

Of course, this only if you wish.

If interested (and the details will be ironed out along with some hopeful changes to Scribe in the coming weeks and months), please email me at Also, send along questions and comments.

And don't worry, you'll be given proper credits.

Say What?!?!: The first ballpark visit of the season takes place in two weeks. Where to? Stay tuned.

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