Thursday, April 30, 2009

Social (II)

A big 'whoops' on my part for this one.

On occasion, I receive press releases about happenings in the sports media world. I don't post them here for two reasons; 1) Fang's Bites has that
well-covered for us and 2) releases are sent to me because of work with other publications instead of Scribe, so I don't want to ruffle feathers by posting some without their awareness of this blog. However, through a friend of Scribe (and further back), this johnny-come-lately post is rather appropriate considering a recent discussion on social networking with sports leagues.

There was an intention to hold this until after the NFL Draft and maybe have a few questions answered. I was hoping to gain some insights from the Patriots and Optaros (the designers of the software) during the league's second most popular weekend behind Super Bowl weekend; how has the feedback been from users, future plans, etc. Whether it comes or not remains to be seen, yet consider this a mea culpa.

The NFL has become a 24-7-365 (or 366 on leap years) league where the regular season, playoffs and the Draft are not the only times in which it is in the spotlight. As we are well aware, the internet and mobile technologies have only exasperated the need for more info on everything related to the country's most popular league. Yet, while fans have created their own Facebook pages, MySpace accounts, iPhone applications and the like, they can't exactly match having rich media directly from the source. Even if you're not a Pats fan, expect your favorite teams to at least copy a similar model.

Many thanks to Pat Keating and Laurel Miltner.

The Patriots Calendar App is a downloadable calendar full of rich-media content from the New England Patriots, continually updated with all the team information that fans want to know, including: draft announcements, press conference videos, radio interviews, schedules, team history and special events.  

The Patriots Calendar App was developed by Boston-based consulting firm, Optaros, Inc. Dedicated to helping its customers reach and engage with fans anywhere on the Web, Optaros creates syndicated applications (like the Calendar App) through its new service, OView.  Using OView, the Patriots can manage all Calendar App content, aggregate numerous inbound RSS feeds, insert ads, make global updates, block undesirable sites and track user engagement analytics across domains.

Says Fred Kirsch, director of interactive media at “We chose OView because it... balances our desire to engage fans across the Web with the need to protect our brand,” said Fred Kirsch, director of interactive media at

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