Monday, June 22, 2009


Maybe it's because I'm procrastinating while on deadline for the Beacon, but while channel surfing a bit, I was reminded of one of those look-a-like comparisons or "what happens if two random stars had a kid" posts that you might see online from time to time. Since it was never published here before, I figured that I might want to run this by the people.

Whenever I see this guy, the first thing that comes to mind isn't his game or the fact that he'll be featured prominently leading into Thursday night's NBA Draft. It's this:

Ryan Hurst (or for your sports movie fans, the actor who played Gerry Bertier in Remember the Titans) +

Randy Orton (slightly unhinged WWE Superstar) =

Blake Griffin, the soon-to-be latest centerpiece of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Now, can I get a "LEFT SIDE! STRONG SIDE!"?

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