Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Ladies and gentlemen,

You know how the summer gets. It's not only the time for barbeques and baseball, but it also wedding season.

Two of the greatest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and witnessing blossom into a lovely couple are officially tying the knot this weekend. Since there are many fellow alums from the alma mater and friends from both families to see, you may not see much activity on Scribe this weekend.

The operative word is 'may'. Just as any other trip, there may be a time where some quick thoughts on current happenings are published or one of several drafts is finally completed for your amusement.

Keep checking in and hopefully, neither bride nor groom pull a Richard Jefferson... well, actually, if one of them has a Black Card, then PLEASE DO!

Seriously, to all of you that are fortunate to be united with the love of your life, regardless of orientation, cherish it. My parents were married for 43 years and despite the hell they endured together, they came up with five wonderful gems... and me.

To those of you still finding that person, the challenging search can still be rewarding as making the discovery (so I hear).

And for those who find themselves ever in a unfortunate (and pricey) situation as the San Antonio Spurs forward and former bride-to-be, I can only wish the best, despite such drastic circumstances.

Say What?!?!: A favor to ask; Convince ME to go on Twitter with sound reasonsing and maybe a minimum bribe of $250.

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