Thursday, August 27, 2009

Double (II)

Page 38 was all mine for this week's edition of the paper, starting with words on the Giants' wide receivers (who will be given a bit more leeway by this writer for a little factoid at the end),

"So, you’ve heard it for almost a year; the New York Giants wide receivers don’t scare anybody. Plaxico Burress is weeks away from starting a 20-month prison term for his accidental shooting. Amani Toomer, the franchise leader in receptions, yardage and touchdowns is in Kansas City. Beyond that, there are either unproven talents, players who have battled more injuries than defensive backs or guys who don’t provide mismatches on the field.
"It’s a long-standing cliché for a reason, but someone has to step up and seize the opportunity."
... and ending with giving dap to Robinson Cano while others are focused on the 'bigger names' that don the pinstripes.

"He was never known as the most patient hitter on a team that is known for wearing out opposing pitchers. However, more than likely, Cano will surpass his career highs in doubles (41 in 2006 and 2007) and home runs (19 in 2007 and already as much this year). He’ll come close to other career best in all other offensive tallies and see career low in strikeouts (currently 45 with as many as 85 in that banner 2007 season). Defensively, he’s solid and if anything, he is very durable at a position where base runners try to distract second basemen from making throws to first base; at times resulting in some scary collisions or awkward landings."
It will certainly be double duty until the end of the Yankees' postseason, which is a pleasure for some of you and sickening certainty for others reading this.

You should also check out the rest of the section (and paper, duh!). My editor and the sports section's lead photographer Marc Rasbury is crying for the Mets, but finds some solace in knowing that the US Open is around the bend. Also, the passing of Senator Edward Kennedy takes prominence as well since his legislation and troubled past had a dramatic impact across socioeconomic backgrounds.

With an unsurpising, yet still disappointing change of plans this morning, posts planned for later might get some early afternoon shine. It would be VERY EASY to criticize and "go in on 'em", as the kids say. However, as another cliche goes, when life gives you lemons...

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