Tuesday, August 18, 2009


While they served as notes for this week's article in the Beacon, they were intended to be Tweets from last night's preseason game at the Meadowlands between the Carolina Panthers and New York Giants. Since there was no urgency to test the Giants' social media policy (if there is one), it was best to throw these quick observations into a post and let you all have at them.

Also, if you did not get a chance to, check out the video around the new palace coming up next door.

Despite these quick hits being NYG-focused, it doesn't mean that non-Giants or even Panthers fans can't make room for these in their mental storage.

  • Running backs improved with pass catching from backfield/LOS, mostly (Ahmad) Bradshaw. Could this be to make up for the loss of (Derrick) Ward, who has some of the better hands for RBs in the league?

  • Running game’s got a burst though as all four RBs (including Allen Patrick) broke off impressive double-digit yard runs or catches. Patrick wants to show and prove with loss of rookie Andre Brown last week.

  • Danny Ware had feast or famine night. Rushing: 12 carries, 21 yards. Receiving: two catches, 43 yards, TD.

  • Mark Goodson got some wheels. By third preseason game, may be something fantasy football analysts salivate over since Panthers’ passing game is iffy.

  • Hard not to see why NYG is so high on Ramses Barden, though Andre’ Woodson wasn’t exactly sharp on the field. Hakeem Nicks only had one ball thrown his way.

  • Defensively, one to watch has been LB Clint Sintim. Certainly delivered with a sack and forced fumble (recovered by NYG) with 13:28 left in the fourth.

  • Either Carolina is thin at QB – even (Jake) Delhomme was shaky despite completing five of nine – or the reserves for NYG are that good. Maybe both.

  • Does Lawrence Tynes see the famous reddened face of Tom Coughlin (from the ’07 NFC title game) when he kicks? Maybe Jeff Feagles does, too. Missed FG, blocked punt and safety can’t be good.

  • I have been covering games at Giants Stadium/The Meadowlands for four years. Not that I’ll miss this place as thousands of fans will, but certainly the Jets will be thrilled to see less Giants blue and more of their green.

  • Quite a few drops by Giants DBs, but they had even more deflected passes. The “treat all batted balls like live balls” practice at training camp might be paying off.

  • Outside linebackers for Giants still concern as Carolina RBs hit the edges/sidelines too much for defensive coaches’ collective taste.

  • Looks like Eli Manning wants Mario Manningham to get as many reps as possible. They may not have a #1 WR now, but he wants other wideouts to gain confidence, esp. without (Plaxico) Burress and (Amani) Toomer there.

  • Antonio Pierce looked pretty happy to hit someone other than his teammate tonight. Actually, that’s pretty close to verbatim from comments handed to the media during the second half.

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