Friday, August 7, 2009


Since this is getaway day (or night) for many of you, here's a quick question: what is your favorite sports-related spot/ad/commercial so far this year?

I ask this because I was reading about the NFL's new campaign to take over our minds, bodies and souls. Here in the New York Times, representatives of both the league and Grey New York (the agency of record for the league) explain the thinking behind these new commercials.

As mentioned earlier this year in a post called Fluid, I was fascinated by a Jumpman ad that starred Richard Hamilton, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and Joe Johnson. There are others of course, but none that have stuck out of the crowd as 'Field Generals'.

Well, except for this... well, I'll be fair and say that both Johan Santana and CC Sabathia did their best.

Say What?!?!: Still feeling my way through Twitter, I haven't picked up on Follow Friday just yet. However, I recommend that you all check out the Norman Einsteins, an online monthly magazine from Cian O'Day. It takes a unique look into sports with various writers and photographers. I am looking forward to doing some work for the site in the future, but here is this month's edition. Enjoy yourselves.

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