Thursday, September 10, 2009


Assuming that the webmaster at the New York Beacon took all of last week off, the 9/3 edition of the paper was not posted online. Thankfully, this week's version is up and considering that the NFL season begins tonight, it was timely to give fans here in the Boroughs something to whet the appetite until Sunday afternoon when the locals play.

While I previewed the Washington Redskins/New York Giants tilt on page 38, the sports editor, Marc Rasbury (who had been covering the US Open as well) gave a bit of dap to both the G-Men and the Jets.
And so it begins again. A year ago, the New York Giants started what was a promising defense of their Super Bowl championship with a statement win against a division rival. The just-retired Michael Strahan greeted his fans and former teammates at midfield, the soon-to-be jailed Plaxico Burress had just signed a new contract hours before the start of the game and many of the stars of the epic Super Bowl XLII shined in front of the home crowd. About fifty-two weeks later, much has changed except for the place and the opponent. The Giants open their season against the Washington Redskins this Sunday with hopes of once again getting a leg up on the NFC East in hopes of their fifth straight postseason.
A side note, there will be Twitter activity during some live games throughout the season. Let me just warn that I not exactly sure if I will do so during the games I cover at Giants Stadium. However, I may do so for all other NFL action and certainly for seven of the Giants road contests (will be unavailable for the October 3rd game in Kansas City). Please feel free to comment and ask questions about any and every team in the league. Heck, feel free to Tweet about CFL as well!


Josh G said...

So do you think that the New York football Giants have a chance this year? Or do you also understand that they're not the same team they were two years ago and Eli's extremely overpaid.

Not to rag on them for beating us in the SuperBowl, but they're honestly nowhere near as good as they were back then. Say goodbye to the "Road Warriors" and hello to the backlash of a SB victory.

Jason Clinkscales said...

I think the Giants have as good of a shot to get back in at least the NFC title game. There's something to having stability in the core personnel both on the field and on the sidelines. Jerry Reese and Tom Coughlin have done an excellent job of instilling a system that allows for the team to be a major factor. Four straight postseasons, including that SB, have to count for something.

With that said, even with Burress and Toomer for four seasons, this was a team that runs to set up the pass. As long as they have depth at RB and that top-notch O-line, they can overcome a lot. You're right in that they are not the same team in terms of offensive swagger, it seems, but the philosophy won't change at all.

I would agree in that Eli may not exactly have the stuff worthy of the contract, but as I wrote when it was announced, it's the going rate of guys who have at least played in the Super Bowl before (except for Vick, Palmer and Haynesworth).

A team that I am surprised few are talking about are the Green Bay Packers. Having hated them for years (I grew up and admit to still being a Niners fan), I came around to the team last season as Aaron Rodgers proved that he could handle his business under center. If that defense didn't collapse as it did in '08, the NFC playoffs would have looked completely different. I know that people salivate over Minnesota and Chicago in the North with Atlanta and N.O. in the South, but if Dom Capers really gets that 3-4 going, they will be dangerous.