Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Since American football season officially begins in two days (college football kicks off on Thursday), I figured that today would be the perfect time to debut on the online monthly magazine I recommended to you last month, the Norman Einsteins.
This month's edition is football-heavy, but my article talks about a realm of the game that gets little to no attention from the pigskin faithful. Semi-professional football is probably in your backyard, but you wouldn't know it unless you asked around or did a Google/Bing/Yahoo! search.

I spoke with a fellow weekly paper scribe, Paul Grenada of the Amsterdam News, as he plays for the Brooklyn BullDawgs of the Regional American Footbal League. Once again, I thank him for his,insights as he gave me a look at who are the kinds of players who take part in these outfits. Truthfully, I wish I could have provided more, but I hope that you are all pleased with the effort.

As for the Norman Einsteins in general, I am really excited about working with its creator, Cian O'Day, as he created a rather unique outlet to illustrate the sports world. This should be a ton of fun, but not only for me, but for you as there are some interesting vantage points to the games we love.


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