Sunday, September 27, 2009


For the second weekend in a row, I am away from home for another family gathering. No disrespect towards the fine folks at Time Warner Cable, but this brings me into Comcast Country, where the NFL Network and its Red Zone compliment will dominate the television for seven hours. Considering that we are 30 minutes away from Philadelphia, I'm in a rabid Steelers home (yes, this is possible) and they still show New York games in the area, there will be plenty to salivate over to the point of dehydration.

With all of this said, please feel free to once again join the live Twittering and leave comments/thoughts/questions here on this post for all to respond to. Though I may still lean on Field Pass here and there, today will be the first time I have seen the Red Zone channel in action, so please provide some insights.

By the way, since you are likely being innudated with pre-game shows, if you have not read 'Superfluous' and 'Basics (Again)', take a moment to do so.

Now, a few thoughts:

Ouch: I met Chris Arreola two years ago after a fight in Las Vegas back in 2007 (that trip being the genesis of Scribe, by the way). Nice guy and as those who watched the title fight last night on HBO between him and Vitali Klitschko, he's got a ton of pride that showed itself in an emotional post-fight interview. Yet, it was pretty sad to see despite his best efforts, it was impossible for him to gain any traction against the taller, rangier and more experienced Klitschko. Vitali schooled him in every facet last night in Los Angeles and though Arreola made him work more in the early rounds than any previous fight, it was damn near clinical.
Arreola should remain in the mix for heavyweight supremacy, but unless there is a legitimate challenger who can match either Vitali or Wladimir in terms of height and precision while adding better ring movement, it'll be hard to knock the brothers of the perch.

Ouch (Again): Spending time with the family means that on occasion, you might miss some action. The latest chapter in the legend of Florida QB Tim Tebow finds him fighting the flu and a concussion sustained in a 41-7 blowout of Kentucky. Already Gators fans and the media are moving their hands towards the big red panic button as hopes of a third national title hinge on his health.
So for those of you that don't hate the Gators, how would you handle the personnel with or without the fearless leader?

They got that baseball thing going on... : Beyond the fanbases themselves, is it me or is there a noticeable lack of buzz and interest around the Yankees and Red Sox postseason appearances (the latter not yet official)? Around the baseball playoffs in general?

On the flip side... : When was the last time you noticed such anticipation for the return of both the NHL (just over a week from now) and the NBA (just over a month)?

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