Monday, September 14, 2009

Twittering (9/14)

Because reception in the press box (not the rest of the media area, however) was non-existent, it was fruitless to try to converse with all as intended. However, being that we have a doubleheader for Monday Night Football, there's a doubleheader for Twitter... so long as the body makes it through the San Diego/Oakland contest.

Feel free to also ask questions and leave comments (via Twitter or this post) about yesterday's action, including the Redskins/Giants game. Since Monday's deadline night for the Beacon's sports section, I'll be polishing off two articles for the paper while the Patriots and Bills hold American television hostage. It's still the ideal time to chat as I'll be in such game mode that you'd swear I took a Jake Delhomme interception to the house.

By the way, never feel that it's going to be just about the NFL. As a subscriber the MLB Extra Innings, I would be the first to scream "turn to 432 RIGHT NOW! Blankety Blank is throwing a no-no!". For that reason, I ask that if there is something happening with your baseball team (non-northeastern teams, especially), you have permission to harrass us. Also, if you miss the NHL and NBA, cry with us, too.

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