Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fenway (I)

The great thing about coming back to New England is not only a chance to see old friends while make new ones, but to come back to the area where my career essentially began. Though it was college radio (internet, I might add), I caught the media bug here and I am forever grateful to meet up with the people who aided in my pursuits.

It's even better to know that those people never ever stop looking out for me despite not being near.

One of those people was able to get me in to the last regular season game at Fenway Park today as the Red Sox finish the 2009 campaign against Cleveland. Not since the season opener back it 2004 (when Pedro Martinez was rocked mercifully by the Baltimore Orioles) have I been able to go to a game here and not once have I taken a photo. So for those of you who know about the ballpark videos from the last two years, this legendary (but hanging by a thread, to be honest) field gets the Scribe treatment.

The video and photos will come rather late this evening while en route back to the Boroughs. In the meanwhile, if you have yet to check out previous videos, it'll be easier for you to click the 'ballpark visits' label below and check out clips of the past two years.

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