Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Plenty of people have been asking what is wrong with the once-mighty New York Giants. There are all sort of theories, questions and declarations now since this four-game slide has become the genesis of all wrong in this world; including increased unemployment and the enduring popularity of skinny jeans*.

Publishing issues with this week's paper aside, the most glaring defensive issue discussed in the upcoming NYB article is one that few even mention on the idiot box (maybe on the radio, but there's enough screaming in the world); stopping the tight end:

The other issue involves stopping the tight ends wearing other uniforms. In New Orleans last month, former Giant Jeremy Shockey nabbed all four of his catches in the Saints’ first three scoring drives; including a touchdown of his own en route to the 48-27 thrashing of his old team. In Philadelphia back on October 25th, Donovan McNabb found Brent Celek on four passes for 61 yards; one catch for the Eagles’ first touchdown score and another leading to McNabb’s second of three TD throws. On Sunday, Phillip Rivers connected with Antonio Gates – long considered one of the NFL’s best when healthy – five times for 67 yards; three of those throws led to both lead-changing touchdowns from wide receiver Vincent Jackson.

With the Atlanta Falcons coming to Giants Stadium on November 22nd, there will be plenty of media attention paid to Tony Gonzalez – arguably the best to ever play the position – because of the Giants’ interest in trading for him last season. The former Kansas City Chief is no longer the lone player of note on his team as he joined standout players in quarterback Matt Ryan, running back Michael Turner and wide receiver Roddy White. This doesn’t mean that he won’t be overlooked by the Giants defense as there is plenty of game tape that shows the plight with tight ends.

Big Blue did a lot more right compared to the previous three weeks than you may be led to believe. If they actually held on and won the Chargers contest, we'd hear about resiliency and finding a way to win against adversity and how the team is ready to turn the corner. All of that is thrown away because Corey Webster - who admitted to getting beat - didn't get help in stopping Jackson on that final drive.

Funny how this Bye Week Quarterbacking works.

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*Skinny jeans are just really, really bad fashion from the 80s. Really bad.
**Photo credit to the Associated Press

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