Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The logo in both end zones was an ode to a stadium that will become a parking lot for much more lavish digs next door in a few months. Though the slogan for the final season at Giants Stadium reads “The Tradition Continues”, fans can only hope that tradition doesn’t involve embarrassing losses like what they witnessed this past Sunday.

After the Carolina Panthers took the Giants and their playoff hopes to the woodshed, I hit the field for one last look at a place I got to know over the last five NFL seasons.

Not that I got misty-eyed, but including visits home during college, I've spent my almost my entire life in this area. I've seen plenty of changes to every place I've called home or have worked for a significant amount of time. I may have not been part of Big Blue faithful for the entire ride - in fact, most of the fans in the building didn't even stick around once the third quarter came to an end - but I certainly had an appreciation for the Stadium.

I am excited to step inside the New Meadowlands Stadium as hopefully, it'll be the first new sporting grounds where I have the chance to see as a media member. Yet, when the last beam is dismantled in a few months, it'll speak as much to the changes in the NY/NJ area as it will the changes to both the Giants and Jets franchises.

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