Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You Like to Read? Read These

It’s been a while since Scribe delved into business matters. So while being a bit tied down at the moment, here are three stories for you to chomp on.

Tebow's NFL moment: If you didn't catch it from the New York Times, Advertising Age delves into details of one of the ads that will appear in the upcoming Super Bowl. I want to hear your thoughts on this one in light of controversies in past years.

Remember how NBC's REALLY Bad Day Began?: It was news that the network stood to lose about $200 million on the upcoming Winter Games. The always-on-point Richard Sandomir discusses many of the issues the Peacock ran into as the economy decided to nose dive. So while the late night talk fiasco made NBC a punching bag, this is arguably of greater concern (especially since Comcast wants to use its soon-to-be property as a huge leveraging platform when bidding for sporting events in the future).

There are some things that... well...: I'll leave you to this one as well. As soon as I wrap my head around it, I'll say something more.

Later this afternoon on The Perpetual Post, Chris Pummer and I discuss the legacy of newly-retired Curtis Joseph. I know puckheads are waiting to rip my head off on that one. Leave happy, lavender-laced comments, please.

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