Monday, March 15, 2010

Perpetually Posting

Ladies & gents, check me out!

This week, there'll be a lot of Perpetual Post work this week. Tonight, I'll jump onto another podcast, discussing NFL free agency with Chris Pummer. Chris and I will bring the discourse to text tomorrow on the site.

Later this week, I will be covering Opening Night for Red Bull Arena in Harrison, NJ. In addition to talking about the stadium's atmosphere and structure for TPP, I will also give you the first new Scribe video for 2010. For those who didn't see the previous look during its construction, check out last spring's post.

Next week, we will roll out divisional previews. I'll join the conversations on the National League East and Central along with the American League Central.

Finally, in relation to Scribe, your next roundtable is coming later this week; this time, the focus is shifted to the NHL. If you have yet to check out last week's NBA roundtable, do yourself a favor and take time to read parts one and two.

Now, before you ask about college basketball, anyone who has been on this space knows that there's not much said about the game. Last year, for the first time since I could remember television, I didn't tune in for one second of the men's tournament (I did watch the women's final, however). Also, for the third straight year, I did not fill out a bracket.

Because of personal preferences and a rather unwelcoming experience covering a Big East game four years ago, I've pretty much shut myself away from the amateur game. However, as some have noticed on Twitter, I have been asking for NBA prospects that I should keep an eye on. It's understandable that some out there may not like this stance, but considering how little I've seen of John Wall and how I just learned who Evan Turner is, I figured this would be a good time to turn into the game with some interest.

I just hope for you Kentucky fans that John Calipari doesn't get another coaching brainfreeze as he did two years ago for Memphis.

Say What?!?!: Speaking of March Madness, if you missed this month's edition of Norman Einstein's Magazine, take a walk with me and Rodney Brown.

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