Monday, March 8, 2010

Scribe Updates - I Still Love You

It's been a rough three week stretch for your 45,329th favorite blogger. Between midterms, papers and... life, you haven't had much to read on here and there has been shockingly little promotion of other works. Here's where things stand now before you check out some newness:
  • This week, you'll have a couple of roundtables coming your way on the NBA & NHL as they are steamrolling towards the postseason.
  • We're doing MLB division previews at The Perpetual Post. I will take a look at my favorite division to watch in the last two years, the National League West. Top notch pitching, overlooked defenses, enviable weather, Arizona's 975 uniform combinations. There's a very good chance that I will add chatter for another non-eastern division as well.
  • I underpromoted this month's edition of Norman Einstein's Magazine, which is a shame. However, as we strive for, the works is always timely. Do yourselves a favor and read the goodness.
  • I don't find myself that interesting of a person, however, I invite you to ask questions that may be too long for Twitter, but just as easy to access. Get your Formspring on about all things sports and whatever else comes to mind.
  • Finally, a site design update: closer to launch than it appears.
The Deleted Scenes for "Hardwood Graduation" will be published later this afternoon.

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