Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Norman Einstein's Newness

Photo credit to dispo
After two months away, this Scribe jumped back in the Norman Einstein's fold with a new piece about The Guy in South Beach.

Yeah, mentioning him on the day that the NFL's version of John Kerry is calling it a career (AGAIN) is like throwing grease in a kitchen fire. Yet, as most other matters in the sports world, this is a different perspective. From a child's eyes... sort of.

Now, unlike the moniker of The Golfer, where sheer media exhaustion and the salacious nature of it all just made the Danielle Steele-ish name work, TGiSB is more about seeing the hell fire & brimstone laid at his feet thanks to The Decision. Since the mere sight of his name sends so many into a blind rage, this moniker will be used from here on out.

In the meantime, the rest of the magazine has the usual rounds of excellence. Ted Walker of Pitchers & Poets walks you through your baseball team's losing season. Andrew Reilly talks up a pretty special 1985 Topps rookie baseball card. And of course, the Maestro, Cian O'Day takes in NYC's other baseball rivalry through a photo essay. Along with a July recap and forward look into August, this month's edition should give you a wealth of reading goodness.

Don't forget the work with The Perpetual Post, including recent insights on the Dan Haren trade, Turner/Sports Illustrated vs. ESPN and Patrick Ewing as future head coach. There will be plenty more later this week with TPP.

Say What?!?!: I won't lie, I get a kick out of knowing that Brett Favre's middle name is Lorenzo. He may annoy many, but to me, it's kind of cool in a "really? HA!" way.

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