Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Norman Einstein's Newness: Beer & Pigskin

You know the ads.

They're telling you to drink their frothy alcoholic beverages with a bit of humor.

Sure, once in a while, they might be tug at the heart strings and similtaneuously placate PETA.

Yet, at their absolute core, they just want you to consider buying their brand over the competitor.

So through the latest contribution to Norman Einstein's Magazine, take a look at how and why Budweiser does battle with MillerCoors using America's Passion.

Now, you're probably asking yourself what is a known teetotaler doing talking about beer? Well, read on, friends.

Sadly, an ad like this would never make the Super Bowl.

And make sure that you observe the excellent words and images from my teammates, Graydon Gordian, Brian Blickenstaff, Stephanie Lim and Cian O'Day.

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