Friday, March 25, 2011

MLB Opening Week Around the Corner - Call for Questions

'Duk of Big League Stew knows the deal
Baseball’s sort-of-opening day is six days away, though it seems like Major League Baseball is whispering its return rather than roaring itself into the American psyche these days. There are plenty of reasons for that, but that’s another post for another day. Yes, friends, basketball has the spotlight right now, but it’s probably a good time to start thinking about WARP, “I can’t stand ____________” and those delightful crab fries you get at Citizens’ Bank Park in Philly.

So, what are you fine people keeping an eye on this season? Many readers here cheer for the more popular teams like the Red Sox, Yankees and Cubs, so your fandom has partially answered the question. However, there have to GOT be other teams, individuals and story lines that you’re intrigued by.

Consider this a call for questions, comments, and suggestions about baseball. While you may be inclined to think of what’s happening on the field, feel free to ask anything in relation to the business and culture of the game as well. Keep in mind, baseball’s CBA is set to expire at season’s end, Bud Selig is supposed to retire in 2012 and Scribe is begging to visit a ballpark or two this summer.

Send them this way through Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or even good ol’ email [asportsscribe DOT gmail DOT com]. In response, throughout next week, you’ll see a few dedicated posts. To keep things interesting, some will feature conversations with well-respected media (bloggers, mainstream & alternative press) and if they’re no inebriated, some random people on the street.

In the meantime, here’s a gift from the online video gods & goddesses.


thuvia said...

Nice website, Jason!! I havent checked up on it in a while, but I like what you did with the place!!

Jason Clinkscales said...

Merci! It was supposed to be a temporary change for a new site, but that was over a year ago. While the new design may still happen, I don't mind keeping this for now.

A few more additions to come in April.