Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Every year during the pointless, momentum-killing Media Week before the Super Bowl, there is an article that gets rehashed or copied that becomes what I may forever call "GMA talk" - and I happen to like Good Morning America, so it's not a dig to anyone who is a fan - one morning. The repeated story has given life to a new term.

Post-Super Bowl Depression.

There's no need to beat you in the head about it as NFL fans are quite aware of its arrival in about seven weeks. Yet, every fan who passionately loves or at least follows a sport, any sport, deals with some sort of longing and twiddling of the thumbs until their love returns. So outside of the always-obnoxious countdown until pitchers and catchers report for spring training, how do you pass the time until a new season begins? Better yet, how do you pass the time for a lull in the action, such as the month-plus break between games in the college football season or All-Star breaks?

Essentially, it would be good to see who dates around and who waits by the phone for their proverbial crushes to call them back.


SPJ said...

Another interesting thing involving the last Sunday in the NFL season: I remember one of my sports journalism professors telling me that there are more drunk-driving related deaths/accidents right after the Super Bowl than any point during the year.

I'm assuming it's a combination of stupidty in being happy or depressed about the game...and realizing how big your gambling debt is from losing.

Jason Clinkscales said...

Yeah, that's become a popular story over the years as well. Yet, outside of the gambling aspect (let's be for real, how many of us really gamble that high?), does their adreneline rush only kick for football season?