Sunday, December 2, 2007


Well, not exactly walking, unless you consider walking around the apartment with slippers on with a cellphone in your hand.

For those who listen to my New York Giants reports on WCHR's 'What's Going On', I spend a little more time on the show from time to time, depending on the topic. Today, we will continue the at-large discussion on the Sean Taylor case. Tune in today at 3:00PM on 90.3 FM or online at either or

Say What?!?!: There are a few articles that I feel are worth the read in regards to this tragedy. If you have not read them, take the time to do so. From ESPN, Wayne Drehs finds some reactions from several NFL players who feel that pro athletes have huge bullseyes on their backs. Also Len Pasquerelli of the Worldwide Leader has one of the few articles that boldly deal with the reality of the situation for the Washington Redskins. Finally, another personal favorite, Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports wants folks to really think of the kind of year this as been for the NFL. However, do try to enjoy these games, if only for a moment.

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