Saturday, January 26, 2008


You might find the hype and reaching-for-something stories surrounding Super Bowl XLII insufferable. You might find that killing time until the game arrives is painfully difficult. You may think that Media Week is the worst time of the year in sports. And you wonder if TMZ, People and all of the gossip media types will make a pitstop in Roswell, NM en route to Glendale, AZ... or pray that they do.

What you have to love about the lull before the title game are the friendly wagers between the home states of the participants. While no word has come from government officials in any New England state or the NYC metro area, there is this fun tidbit to enjoy.

Just imagine if Theo Epstein or Brian Cashman - or better yet, John Henry or one of the Steinbrenners - had done something as these minor-league GMs are willing to do. Sure, it's the minors, but this is a small scale version of Mark Cuban's exploits a few years back.

I love it!

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