Sunday, February 10, 2008


Yes, pitchers and catchers voluntarily report in a few days. Yet, as baseball fans gear to come out of hibernation (those who don't watch basketball, hockey, golf or tennis), there is another year of change to prepare for.

There have been six different champions since 2000 and only one franchise to have claimed two titles. That said, Scribe wants to start a little dialogue about any or all of the teams that have participated in the World Series this decade. Some were appreciated for the moment rather than the play. Some got no respect. Some were flat out dominant and some left you wondering how they got there. Please share thoughts (agreements, disagreements, additions, randomness other than 'rulez' or 'sux) and questions.

Arizona - Buck Showalter is the unluckiest man in baseball.
New York - Who could Yankee fans blame? Anyone?

Anaheim - You can thank the Angels for those annoying thundersticks.
San Francisco - Uh... what about Barry Bonds' playoff failures? Say what you will about the man, but .471, four homers, six RBI and thirteen walks in the World Series is nothing to completely dismiss.

Florida - Strike zone, meet Josh Beckett.
New York - See 2001.

Boston - The beginning of the sports apocalypse, right, America?
St. Louis - They played in one of the most underrated NLCS in history, but the juggernaut above couldn't be slayed by Phat Albert alone.

Chicago - The most unappreciated champion in all of sports this decade (ask the '95 Atlanta Braves).
Houston - This still amazes me, yet, it's hard to think it's some sophisticated plot of discrimnation.

St. Louis - Yadier Molina should have been NLCS and World Series MVP
Detroit - PFP (pitcher's fielding practice).

Boston - I'm disappointed in Jonathan Papelbon. His Irish jig at the parade needed some oomph... maybe more celebratory booze... something!
Colorado - Eight day layoff killed them and even the Red Sox knew it.

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