Thursday, February 7, 2008


Been an interesting first post-Super Bowl week, hasn't it?

The writers and producers are finally working something out (thank goodness! Please send those desperation 'reality TV' ideas back to the trash heap).

Super Tuesday has managed to bring up more questions than answers (and create a wider pool of undecided and apathetic voters than anyone cares to acknowledge).

Athletes denying steroid use to Congress and Congress spending tax dollars to investigate such use (recession be damned).

Athletes denying being involved with cockfighting in the Dominican Republic (where it is legal, no matter how much many disapprove).

Giants 'fans' believing in Eli Manning and Patriots 'fans' calling the 2007 season a complete failure.

Hey, look! Mercury Morris found a camera. Wonderful.

This may seem like just another week in the world and you might be right. Instead of getting down in the doldrums, smile at what were (in Scribe's opinion, of course) the best commercials from Sunday's Super Bowl.

Oh, sure. Everyone and their godmother has an opinion on what were the best commercials. However, considering the other profession I have and my purist nature regarding the NFL title game, these two ads exemplified what those $3 million spots were supposed to do; cleverly sell a product and/or serve as a reminder of a brand.

Since YouTube is being a little funny with the custom player, enjoy these gems.

Say What?!?!: Coming to a new baseball stadium near you (or me): Martinis. Martinis?!?! At least let there be more offerings than hot dogs.

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