Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Some food for thought in these nutty times.

There would be more on this space this evening, but sometimes, if you can sleep early, you'd be a fool not to.
  • From Yahoo! Sports, Jeff Passan revisits the greatest rant in sports history. Oh yes, better than Dennis Green's "Crowning". Better than Jim Mora's playoff outlook. Better than Hal McRae's extreme makeover. Tops anything from the Lou Pinella vault. By the way, whether fans like it or not, everything said in that three-plus minute, profanity-laced tirade is 100% truth... even 25 years later... but more on that tomorrow.

  • From a favorite blog of Scribe's, Sports Media Watch, how the New York Knicks' head coaching and general manager searches can possibly ruin NBA television. And, no, it's not another "this is how the Knicks suck" piece. Thank goodness.

  • From the New York Times (yesterday), a somewhat disturbing, yet intriguing look at how War Emblem isn't exactly producing anymore Kentucky Derby winners. Disturbing in the sense of how the horse's bounty of male-tinged fantasies can seem a little too... shallow and human. Intriguing in the sense that people still debate if horse racing is even a sport.

  • And for those of you who like a little scandal and controversy that does not involve the names of Obama, Clinton, McCain, Bush, Wright, Clemens, McNamee, (Josh) Howard, New or York (you like that?)... enjoy... or cringe... or whatever you want to do.

Finally, you may notice a couple of names below mine on the right hand side. It's time to mix things up a bit and Scribe can only be better because of their contributions. Looking forward to them.

Say What?!?!: By the way, Mr. Elia? I am PROUD to be part of the 85% who make a living everyday. However, thanks to your classic diatribe, I will play for your baseball team ANYTIME.

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