Sunday, April 27, 2008


When I stepped foot on the Babson College (my proud alma mater) campus back in 2000, it was assumed that I had also applied to Bentley College. However, there was one problem.

I never heard of Bentley College.

The car? Yeah.

The college? Come on, I'm still trying to explain Babson to folks. What made people think that I chose an undergraduate business school located in Wellesley, MA over one in Waltham, I'm not sure.

Every school has - or at least claims to have - a rival. The "oh, you're from over there" mentality that you may have encountered as a young elementary school student advances at pretty much every level of education. So when I was told by some that Bentley was for folks who couldn't get into Babson, I had the same reaction that I had in high school in regards to Bronx Science (who claims me as an alum) and Stuyvesant.

Uh... sure... whatever.

Maybe Babsonians like myself would have gone crazy about the mention of Bentley if we had a football team.

And had someone drafted into the NFL like Bentley's Division II program can boast tonight.

Now, my Division III alma mater has a pretty good athletic history, despite its lack of size. We have had baseball players selected in the MLB Draft and our hockey program has connections with the NHL.

But those darn Falcons got us!

At least Babson football is still undefeated since 1919. ;)

Seriously, from an alum of one rival to another, this is just awesome.

Non-Division I (or whatever it called), REPRESENT!

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Mells said...

i don't know kid, call it crazy, i just can't give Bentley props. I really drank the kool aid on the Bentley hate. But I can't say Idon't think its cool.

Yay non division I schools!!!